NERC Compliance

Xcel Energy through its operating companies, Northern States Power (NSP), Public Service Company of Colorado (PSCO) and Southwestern Public Service Company (SPS) understands the importance of working with Generators Owners (GO), Resource Planners (RP), Transmission Owners (TO), Transmission Service Providers (TSP), Distribution Providers (DP), Planning Coordinators (PC) and Transmission Planners (TP) in achieving NERC Compliance in an interconnected transmission system.  Xcel Energy is committed to meeting NERC Compliance which includes effectively communicating with NERC functional entities having specific questions related to NERC Reliability Standards.  Xcel Energy has developed this webpage to help direct questions, data submittals, and requests related to NERC compliance to the correct Xcel Energy operating company.  For questions, requests, and data submittals related to the NERC reliability standards referenced below, please send an email to the appropriate email address located on the bottom of this page.

NERC MOD-026-1 and NERC MOD-027-1

  • For GOs requesting modeling information from the TP consistent with MOD-026-1, Requirement R1, or MOD-027-1 Requirement R1. In the request submitted to the Transmissions Planner, it is recommended that a GO provide the name of the GO facility, and GPS coordinates for the Point of Interconnection.  This information will help facilitate identification of whether the GO facilities are indeed connected to the Xcel Energy transmission system, consistent with the TP provided response of Requirement R1 of these standards.
  • For GOs submitting new dynamic model data for TP testing, consistent with MOD-026-1, Requirement R6, or MOD-027-1 Requirement R5. The GO can also provide updated/corrected modeling data for these NERC standards.

NERC MOD-032-1

  • For applicable entities of MOD-032-1 required to provide data to the TP, per MOD-032-1 Requirement R2. 
  • Applicable entities may also request information from the TP required for transmission system modeling, such as bus numbers.

NERC TPL-001-4

  • For applicable entities for TPL-001-4 requesting or providing TP coordination information consistent with TPL-001-4 Requirement 3, subpart 3.4.1 and TPL-001-4 Requirement 4, subpart 4.4.1.
  • For submitting PC and TP Planning Assessments consistent with TPL-001-4, Requirement R8.
  • To request TPL-001-4 Planning Assessments by functional entities having a reliability related need, consistent with TPL-001-4, Requirement R8.
  • For recipients of a Planning Assessment that provide documented comments on the results of a Planning Assessment, consistent with TPL-001-4, Requirement R8, subpart 8.1.

Contact Emails

For questions, requests, and data submittals to the Xcel Energy Operating Companies (NSP, PSCO, SPS).

In the states of Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, North Dakota, and South Dakota, email correspondence shall be sent to Northern States Power at the following email:

In the state of Colorado, email correspondence shall be sent to Public Service Company of Colorado at the following email:

In the states of New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, and Kansas, email correspondence shall be sent to Southwestern Public Service Company at the following email:

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