Encroachments Review

Understanding the Encroachment Review Process

Before applying for an Encroachment Review, a requester should conduct research to ensure their scope of work is a compatible use within Xcel Energy’s right-of-way, which is described at a high-level below. A more detailed, step-by-step, description of this process is in the next section:

Requesting an Encroachment Review - Step-by-step

  1. Understand the definitions of transmission line right-of-way, easement and encroachment specific to Xcel Energy’s high voltage electric transmission lines
  2. Confirm if your project scope is in proximity to an Xcel Energy transmission line, and not a distribution line
      • Transmission line structures are typically 60 feet to 200 feet in height and constructed of various materials including wood poles, steel poles, and metal lattice towers
      • Distribution line structures are typically constructed of wood poles 30 feet to 50 feet in height utilizing a cross arm(s) near the top, as well as other equipment such as transformers. They are typically the shorter smaller structures located along roadways, alleys, and property lines. They typically route through residential neighborhoods and have overhead service wires that connect directly to residences and businesses
      • If the line is a distribution line, please contact the Xcel Energy Distribution department for review
      • If uncertain, the Siting and Land Rights agent or transmission line engineer can assist with confirming and coordinating a review by the Distribution department.
  3. Identify any other utilities facilities or infrastructure in the area near your proposed project - such as signs of underground utilities, pipelines, or other transmission or distribution lines owned by other utilities
  4. Review the guidelines to ensure your project is a ‘compatible use’
      • Guidelines – Electric Transmission Line Right-Of-Way Use
      • If the project design does not adhere to the requirements outlined in the guidelines document, please revise the design prior to submitting an encroachment application
  5. If the guidelines indicate your project is compatible, initiate the Encroachment Review Process by completing an application, including detailed drawings and plans, and submitting the required payment
  6. The Application Submittal is reviewed by Siting & Land Rights and Transmission Line Engineering. Back-and-forth coordination and collaboration between the requester and Xcel Energy occurs
  7. A determination is made by Xcel Energy, either: Approved or Not Approved
  8. If the encroachment is approved, the Siting & Land Rights Agent prepares an agreement and consent to improvement, with the agreement being reviewed and signed by both parties, then recorded
      • Important Note: No work shall be performed within the easement area until all the following is completed
      • Payment received and processed by Xcel Energy
      • Review and Approval by Xcel Energy
      • A signed and executed agreement between the requester and Xcel Energy
  9. The completed agreement allows the requester to proceed with the project
  10. After the project is installed, the requester notifies Xcel Energy of project completion

Construction near electric transmission lines or right-of-way

If your project scope involves construction activities underneath or near an electric transmission line, inside or outside the right-of-way, or you are unsure if review is required, please contact Xcel Energy using the contact info listed in the Contact Us section or at the bottom of the application to ensure that Xcel Energy has an opportunity to review and provide feedback to ensure that conditions are safe for working in the proximity of the transmission line.

Use of Xcel Energy owned property

Xcel Energy may license or lease the use of Xcel Energy property. Some examples of a permitted use may be for:

The use must meet certain criteria, including:

All proposed uses require a non-refundable administrative fee in addition to any rent Xcel Energy may require for the proposed use.

License/Lease Application

To submit a request to use Xcel Energy-owned property, fill out the electronic form. License/Lease Application

Important Reference Documents

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Safe Practices Around Power Lines (PDF)
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Guidelines – Electric Transmission Line Right-Of-Way Use (PDF)
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Transmission Encroachment Application (PDF)
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