Northern Colorado Area Plan

WAPA Ault to Cloverly Transmission Line

Voltage: 115/230 kV line
Target in-service:

Project Update

Public hearings originally scheduled for March 19 and May 22, 2019, are now rescheduled for June 18 and July 17, 2019. Times are yet to be determined. Please check back for the final dates and times.

The Weld County Planning Commission and Board of County Commissioner public hearings for the Northern Colorado Plan have been continued to allow Xcel Energy to amend its current 1041 Permit Application.  The amendment filed in April 2019 reduces the scope of the Project to the section from the existing WAPA Ault substation to, and including, the new proposed Graham Creek Substation. View map.  Xcel Energy is removing from its application the section of transmission line from the new Graham Creek Substation to the Cloverly Tap.  This change allows time for Xcel Energy to expand the Graham Creek to Cloverly Line siting study area to examine additional possible routes, and move forward with improving the electric reliability of the surrounding community while providing extra time to address concerns with the Graham Creek-Cloverly Line expressed in the County’s referral comment period of the current Section 1041 Permit Application review process.

Xcel Energy is committed to working with landowners and community members to find a viable solution to meet current and future energy needs in the area.

The Northern Colorado Area Plan will enhance electric reliability of the Xcel Energy grid north of Greeley. The project is the first step in a comprehensive plan to upgrade the region’s infrastructure and modernize the transmission system.

Schedule (Pending Approval)

2018 - File local, state, federal permits
2019 - Begin construction
2020 - Begin construction of transmission line
2021 - Project completed

Project Permits and Public Hearings

Xcel Energy filed a 1041 permit with Weld County in August 2018 to determine approval and final route of the proposed transmission lines. An amended application was submitted to Weld County in April 2019. You can review the latest application on the Weld County website by clicking on "Search Applications" under the "Planning" heading and entering USR18-0100 in the "Record Number" field. Then under "Record Info", click on "Attachments".

A Site Plan submittal for the Husky Substation in the Town of Ault was submitted in November, 2018 and approved in February, 2019.

When proposing a high-voltage transmission line project, investor-owned utilities must file a CPCN application with the CPUC. You can review all regulatory filings on the CPUC website by entering 17A-0146E in the 'Proceeding Number' field. The CPCN process allows the Company to proceed with implementation, but does not decide the specific routes and locations of the transmission lines and substations. Those issues are determined through a separate local government siting process.

The Colorado Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) approved a Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity (CPCN) application on March 1, 2018 to allow Xcel Energy to construct the Northern Colorado Area Plan.

Project Components

The proposed Northern Colorado Area Transmission Project consists of the following components:

  • WAPA Ault - Husky 230 kV transmission line
    • The line will be built from the existing Western Area Power Administration (WAPA) Ault Substation to a new Xcel Energy Husky Substation. The new transmission would be approximately seven miles long and built double-circuit 230 kV capable. Only one circuit will initially be installed and operated at 115 kV.
  • Husky Substation
    • This new substation would replace the Xcel Energy Ault 44 kV Substation, which would be decommissioned. The Husky Substation would accommodate distribution upgrades that improve system reliability. 
  • Husky - Graham Creek 115kV line
    • The new line would be approximately 7.7 miles and be built double-circuit 230 kV cable. Only one circuit will initially be installed and operated at 115 kV.
  • Graham Creek Substation
    • This new substation will replace the Xcel Energy Eaton 44 kV Substation, which would be decommissioned. The Graham Creek Substation would accommodate distribution upgrades and improve system reliability. 
  • Graham Creek-Cloverly 115 kV line
    • The new line would be approximately eleven miles and be built double-circuit 230 kV capable. Only one circuit will initially be installed and operated at 115 kV. Eight miles of that new transmission line will be built double-circuit 230 kV capable. The remaining three miles are already constructed to 115 kV capable.

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