La Crosse-Madison (Badger-Coulee) 345kV Transmission Line


Estimated length: 180 miles
Voltage: 345 kV line
Estimated cost: $580 million
Estimated in-service date: 2018

The La Crosse-Madison Transmission Line Project
The La Crosse-Madison Transmission Line Project, also known as the Badger Coulee Project, is an approximately 180-mile, 345 kilovolt (kV) line from north of the La Crosse area to northern Dane County.

Project Purpose
The line will address electric system reliability issues to benefit Western Wisconsin communities, the state of Wisconsin and the entire Midwest region. It will also provide economic savings and support renewable energy policy.

Regulatory Information

Xcel Energy and American Transmission Company (ATC) filed an application for the project with the PSCW in October 2013. The application was approved in April, 2015.

PSC Docket ID: 137-CE-160: Go to the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin (PSC) website to learn more about the transmission filings.

Construction Details
Project construction began in 2016, starting at the southern end of the project (Cardinal Substation, Dane County, WI) and will continue to Briggs Road Substation in La Crosse County by the end of 2018. American Transmission Co. and Xcel Energy jointly developed the Badger Coulee Transmission Line Project.

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Grant Stevenson
Project Manager

Informational Documents

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