Malta to Otero Transmission Line Rebuild

Project Overview

Xcel Energy is committed to providing safe, reliable electricity for customers throughout Colorado. Rebuilding and replacing aging infrastructure is key to this priority. We plan to replace the 50-year-old transmission line that runs from the Malta substation southward to the Otero tap, roughly adjacent to US-24 between Lake County Road 52 and Chaffee County Road 371. By rebuilding this 115 kilovolt (kV) line to modern standards, we will increase reliability and reduce potential safety risks associated with aging poles and equipment.

The transmission line delivers critical energy between Colorado’s central mountain communities and the San Luis Valley. It was originally built with wood H-frames. Due to natural weathering and the overall age of the poles and equipment, the line is reaching the end of its useful life and must be replaced. New infrastructure will improve electric service reliability to homes and businesses in the region, withstand higher than normal windspeeds, proactively
mitigate the risk of wildfire damage to the transmission line and help meet the growing energy needs for years to come.

Project details

The majority of the 20-mile line crosses land owned by the Bureau of Land Management, U.S. Forest Service and state conservation easements within Chaffee and Lake counties. A small portion crosses private property. All work will be done in compliance with strict conservation requirements established by these public agencies.


Xcel Energy will begin construction in 2024 on the segment located primarily in Chaffee County, between the Otero Tap (pumping station) and the Twin Lakes Substation. Work on the segment in Lake County, between the Twin Lakes Substation and the Malta Substation, will begin in 2025. The rebuild project will take approximately two years to complete.

Please call the project hotline 303-571-7321 or email if you have any questions.


Malta-Otero Information Sheet (PDF)
Transmission Line Construction (PDF)

Wildfire Mitigation Program (PDF)