Transmission Line Rebuild Project

The 69-kiloVolt (KV) transmission line between Bird Island, Atwater and Big Swan in central Minnesota was originally built more than 70 years ago in the mid-1950s. Aging infrastructure like this line decreases the ability to deliver reliable service for customers, and we will rebuild the approximately 67 miles of transmission line and associated infrastructure beginning in September 2022 and completed in 2024.

In addition to increasing reliability in the area, new infrastructure on some portions of the line will enable stronger connections to area wind projects.

The line will be built in the existing easement and we do not expect to purchase any additional Right-of-Way for the project. We are working with some local landowners to identify staging areas for construction equipment, and with local governments to identify hauling routes and other considerations.

Transmission Line Detail:

  • 69-kV rebuild project
  • Built within existing easement
  • Remove all existing poles and wires and replace with new infrastructure
  • Mostly wooden poles with some metal corner structures

Phased Construction

  • Phase 1 (Panther-Bird Island): 4 miles. Completed construction in 2023
  • Phase 2 (Cosmos tap-Panther): 18 miles. Completed construction in 2023
  • Phase 3 (Atwater tap-Cosmos tap-Cosmos Substation): 16 miles. Construction in 2025
  • Phase 4 (Litchfield City tap-Atwater): 16 miles. Construction in 2025-2026
  • Phase 5 (Big Swan-Litchfield City tap): 14 miles. Construction in 2025-2026.

Construction Updates and Information

Construction updates and information will be posted here when changes occur.

Contact with questions:

Chris Rogers, Xcel Energy