Fruita-Uintah 69-kV Rebuild Project

Xcel Energy is committed to providing safe, reliable electricity for customers throughout Colorado; rebuilding and replacing aging infrastructure is key to this priority. We propose to replace the 65-year-old Fruita to Uintah 69-kilovolt (kV) transmission line near Fruita, Colorado to increase electric reliability and reduce potential safety risks associated with aging poles and equipment.

The Fruita Transmission Line rebuild includes two key construction activities:

  • Decommissioning existing 69-kV transmission line
  • Constructing a new 4.4 mile, 69-kV transmission line

The 4-mile line is critical to providing reliable service to customers and cannot be taken out of service to be replaced. Xcel Energy has studied route options and determined a preferred route to relocate the electric line (see map).

Project need

The existing line was built in 1956. It is experiencing signs of aging, which can contribute to power outages, reduce reliability and potentially cause safety issues. Due to natural weathering, lightning damage and unscheduled interruptions in service, the wood pole structures, equipment and components need replacing. The new line will improve electric service and meet the energy needs of homes and businesses in Fruita and Mesa County for years to come.

Public Outreach and Communications

Xcel Energy hosted an in-person open house in February 2022 and has posted a video of the presentation content here (external link) to provide information about the project, answer questions and take public comment about potential route options. A follow up meeting was held in July 2022 at the Fruita Community Center. A preferred route was chosen based on natural resources, engineering, construction, land use, permitting requirements, land acquisition, and public comments. 

Project details:

  • Replace existing wooden structures with a combination of steel, single-pole and H-frame structures, including up to three ‘dead-end’ structures that may require additional support.
  • Pole height will range from 60 to 85 feet, 10 to 25 feet taller than existing structures
  • Average distance between poles will be 450 feet
  • Right-of-way and easement will be approximately 50 feet total (approximately 25 feet on either side of the centerline of the transmission line), and we will attempt to share right-of-way with existing public areas, such as state or county roads
  • If the new line crosses private property, we will purchase an easement granting access to build, operate and maintain the infrastructure; the property owner

Next steps

Environmental and land use permitting will begin in February 2023. Engineering, design and land rights negotiations and acquisition will be completed in mid-2024. Construction will begin in 2024; the line is expected to be in-service in fall 2024.

If you have questions or comments about the project, or would like to comment on specific route options, please email us at or call toll-free 1-855-839-8864