Red Wing Underground Transmission Project

Estimated length: 1.5 miles
Voltage: 69 kV line
Estimated cost: $7.5 million
Estimated In-service date: January, 2017

Project Overview

We are replacing the 1.5 mile section of existing 69kV underground transmission line located between Hill Street and Xcel Energy’s Red Wing Generating Station.  The existing line was installed in 1976 and has reached the end of its design lifespan. No power outages will be associated with this work.

This project is being completed in order to accommodate construction of the new Highway 63 river bridge, associated approach ramps and retaining walls in Red Wing.

The Red Wing underground transmission line project will help to ensure electric reliability for residents and businesses.  Construction is underway and expected to be complete in January, 2017.

Map (PDF)

Map-Central (PDF)

Map-East (PDF)

Map-West (PDF)

Underground Transmission Line Construction

Additional Resources

Newspaper Advertisement (PDF)

Landowner Letter (PDF)


Chris Berglund
Senior Land Rights Agent
Xcel Energy