Plymouth-Area Power Grid Upgrades

Project Update  - 2020

Underground Electric Feeder Installation

Xcel Energy is dedicated to continuing to do our critical infrastructure work to provide customers with the safe, reliable, affordable electricity they need.  That’s precisely why we are installing new electrical equipment in Plymouth.

Beginning in August, we will complete work on installing new electric feeders in the areas of Medina Road, Rockford Road and 36th Avenue North (view map).  Crews installed the electric feeders earlier this year and are returning to the project area to finish the work.  You can expect to see Xcel Energy trucks and our contractors moving dirt piles and crews sealing trenches.  The work is expected to be complete by the end of October, followed by restoration which may extend into spring 2021. These infrastructure upgrades are essential to provide additional capacity due to load growth in the area. 

We appreciate your patience and cooperation as we install the new electrical system and are taking all measures possible to reduce inconveniences.

Xcel Energy and our contractors are taking extra precautions to stay safe and healthy during the COVID-19 pandemic, including limiting visitors on job sites. To allow crews to do their critical work, and for everyone’s safety, we ask that you not approach them in the field. This helps maintain social distance to keep everyone healthy. 

Contact Us About the Underground Electric Feeder Installation

David Madigan  - Project Manager

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Dustin Horejsi - Area Desinger

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Transmission Upgrades

Expansion is underway on the existing Hollydale Substation on County Road 101 south of Highway 55 and is scheduled to be complete in December 2021. This is the last transmission phase of the Plymouth area power upgrades.

The transmission phase of the project included re-energizing a 69-kilovolt (kV) transmission line which Xcel Energy purchased from Great River Energy. In taking ownership of the 69-kV line and easements, we have agreed to restrict the operating voltage of the existing line between the Hollydale and Pomerleau Lake substations to 69 kV.

Crews also completed work on a new half-mile of 69-kilovolt line connecting the Hollydale and Pomerleau Lake Substation in 2019. Pomerleau Lake Substation was energized in October 2018. The new substation is located in Plymouth north of Schmidt Lake Road, just west of I-494 (see map).

Project History

We worked with the community to develop a solution to address electric deficiencies in the Plymouth area. After we withdrew our Hollydale 115 kilovolt (kV) transmission line proposal in 2013, we began working to develop new alternatives to ensure the community has reliable electric service. Three different electric solutions were developed with careful consideration of public input along with a focus on minimizing impacts to the community. The final solution that is being built was selected based on input from the public and approval from the city.

Contact Us About the Hollydale Substation

Joe Samuel - Project Manager

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