Plymouth-Area Power Grid Upgrades

Project Update

Pomerleau Lake Substation was energized in October 2018. The new substation is located in Plymouth north of Schmidt Lake Road, just west of I-494. Crews are working on constructing a half-mile of new 69 kilovolt (kV) line connecting the Hollydale and Pomerleau Lake Substations throughout the winter of 2018/2019.

The Plymouth-area power grid upgrades include reenergizing an existing 3.4-mile 69 kV line between the Pomerleau Lake Substation and Hollydale Substation (see map).

Xcel Energy is in the process of purchasing the 69 kV transmission line from Great River Energy. In taking ownership of the 69 kV line and easements, we have agreed to restrict the operating voltage of the existing line between the Hollydale and Pomerleau Lake substations to 69 kV.

Project History

We have been working with the community to develop a solution to address electric deficiencies in the Plymouth area for more than seven years. After we withdrew our Hollydale 115 kilovolt (kV) transmission line proposal in 2013, we began working to develop new alternatives to ensure the community has reliable electric service. While the population in the city of Plymouth has quadrupled over the last 40 years, the four primary electric substations, as well as the majority of distribution and transmission lines serving the Plymouth area are between 25 and 60 years old.

Three different electric solutions were developed with careful consideration of public input along with a focus on minimizing impacts to the community. We presented these three alternatives (A, B, and C) at two public meetings in May, 2016. The three power grid alternatives would improve reliability by reducing outages caused by overloaded equipment, and by decreasing the amount of time necessary to recover from an outage. Following these public meetings, we carefully reviewed all input, revised alternatives where possible, and compared the three alternatives using both public input and a data-based comparison.

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Modified Alternative C selected

We are constructing a modified version of Alternative C (view map). This alternative relies on existing infrastructure, requiring less construction of new facilities and minimizing human and environmental impacts. In addition, Alternative C provides the best electrical performance of the three alternatives and is the best long-term solution for the area's electrical needs.

Public Comments – We have received a significant number of public comments, and view this as a good outcome of our public outreach. View comments received below. In an effort to protect commenter’s privacy, names and contact information are redacted.

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Comments containing questions – Please view the Frequently Asked Questions (PDF updated 11/23/16) for answers to questions we have received in the comments.

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