Pawnee-Daniels Park Project

Construction Update

  • Helicopter stringing in Parker across Parker Road (U.S. Highway 83) will require intermittent road closures between 7 am-7 pm on Saturday October 26 and Sunday October 27, north of the intersection of Twenty Mile Road/Hilltop Road. For safety reasons, vehicles won’t be allowed to drive on Parker Road under the transmission line while the wires are being flown across by helicopter. There will be 8 closures, each lasting approximately 10 minutes. In addition, there will be several parking lot closures along Twenty Mile Road and Pavilion Drive. Signs will be posted for detours and businesses will be open with parking still available. The work will also require closure of the bike trail that runs parallel to the transmission line west of Twenty Mile Road and north of Motsenbocker Road between October 25- November 9 (view map outlining affected area). Please note: if the work is rescheduled due to weather, it will take place the following weekend, November 2 and 3.
  • Construction is underway on the entire 20-mile segment of the Pawnee-Daniels Park project in Aurora and Parker between the new Harvest Mile Substation and the Daniels Park Substation. View project area (PDF).
  • Helicopter work is now ongoing. The helicopters will be used at times during construction for pulling rope prior to stringing conductor (wire) on the project.
  • In conjunction with construction, vegetation management work, including clearing of trees and bushes is taking place in the project right-of-way. The clearing of trees and bushes was mostly completed in January and February but clean-up work, including the removal of stumps is continuing.
  • Check back for weekly updates on where crews are working in your neighborhood.
  • We sincerely thank you and appreciate your patience during construction. If you have questions or comments on the project please send us a message at or call 303-318-6307, Please do not approach the construction crews for safety reasons.

Helicopters are being used at times during construction. This video shows a rope being pulled through the structures prior to the conductor.


 constructing transmission towers

Crews set the structures in segments using a crane.

electric pole structures

Most structures on the project are steel single poles, however, some areas where there are corners or turns require two-pole structures, referred to as dead-end structures on the map.

helicopters pulling ropes

Helicopters will be used at times during construction for pulling rope prior to stringing conductor (wire) on the project.

We want to thank you for patience during construction activities. It’s our mission to ensure your family, neighbors and construction crews stay safe each day. Please use caution when walking or driving near construction zones. The new transmission line will enable the electric grid to carry more renewable energy, improve overall system reliability and support the region’s economic growth.

Structures Near Air Space

As part of the approval process for the Pawnee to Daniels Park transmission line Xcel Energy is required to mark a portion of the transmission line with flashing safety lights in accordance with required FAA standards for marking and lighting obstructions that have been deemed to be a hazard to air navigation (FAA Title 14 part 77).

In Aurora, Xcel Energy is marking eight structures of the line with flashing safety lights in accordance with required FAA standards. The lines run from the Sam's Club at Southlands to East Plymouth Drive in Tallyn's Reach from Smoky Hill Road along South Aurora Pkwy. The FAA and Buckley Air Force Base worked with Xcel Energy to limit the scope of required lighting and determined these lines were to be equipped with medium intensity red lights.

In Douglas County, Xcel Energy worked with the FAA and Centennial Airport to mark seven structures with flashing safety lights in accordance with the required FAA standards. The lights are needed for safety purposes.

Contact Us

If you have a question or comment surrounding the Pawnee-Daniels Park project please send us a message at or call 303-318-6307. Please do not approach the construction crews for safety reasons.

Project Overview

The Pawnee-Daniels Park project includes the construction of 125 miles of 345 kilovolt (kV) double circuit transmission line between Pawnee Substation, near Brush, CO, and the Daniels Park Substation, south of the Denver-metro area, as well as one new 345kV substation and expansion of five other 230 kV and 345 kV substations. Construction is underway on portions of the project. The in-service date is December 2019.

Project Need

The project is required to facilitate future generation development (including Xcel Energy's Rush Creek Wind Generation Project). It will help support Resource Planning predictions for other generation development in the region, meets SB-100 requirements for Energy Resource Zones (ERZ) 1 and 2, and improve system reliability.

Public Outreach

As part of the approval process, we held public open house meetings in 2014 and 2015 in Arapahoe and Douglas Counties as an opportunity for the public to provide feedback on proposed routes and learn information about the project. In addition, public hearings were held in project cities and counties for final permit approval

Your input is important. Public comments and preferences were taken into account in choosing the final route of the project, along with other criteria including engineering needs, maintenance requirements, environmental resources, and legal and economic considerations. We sincerely appreciate your support and patience during construction on this project.

Regulatory and Permit Approvals

The Colorado Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) approved a Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity application for the project on April 9, 2015.

However, in late 2015, Congress extended the Production Tax Credit for new wind generation projects, but with a declining recovery schedule for projects that start construction after 2016. In September 2016 we, along with multiple parties, agreed to a settlement that included moving the in-service date to 2019. The settlement agreement received final approval October 2016. View the settlement agreementsAdvancing the in-service date of the Pawnee-Daniels Park project will help ensure that customers reap the tax credit benefits which significantly reduce the cost of wind generation.

Final local permits were approved for the projects in December, 2017. Permits were obtained with the City of Aurora, Arapahoe County, Douglas County and Town of Parker.

Project Maps