Bayfield Second Circuit Transmission Project

Estimated in-service date: 2020
Voltage: 34.5 kV line
Estimated length: 22 miles

In November, Xcel Energy announced we are proposing additional route segments and another alignment for the proposed Bayfield Second Circuit Transmission project that was introduced in August.

After receiving feedback on the proposed 22 mile, 34.5 kilovolt (kV) transmission project and two new substations over the past two months, we have decided to also look at some alternative route segments for the project, including double circuiting or paralleling the existing transmission line.  Double circuiting would involve a new line on new poles (structures) with the existing circuit; a paralleling option would be separate from, but parallel to the existing line. 

Frequently Asked Questions

A letter and maps were sent to about 300 landowners to review on the Bayfield Peninsula who own property along a potential alignment of the transmission line.

View letter

Your input is important to us. If you received a letter, please review the materials and provide comments by filling out the project comment form or by sending us an email at the contacts listed below.

In September, the Bayfield County Board voted to delay a decision on use of County land for the project until January, 2018 to allow more time for Xcel Energy to work with stakeholder groups to analyze, collect data and evaluate proposed alternatives. Xcel Energy plans to submit an application for a Certificate of Authority to the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin (PSCW) in 2018 seeking approval for the project. If approved, construction is expected to begin in 2019, with an estimated in-service date in 2020.

Project Need

Currently electricity is provided to communities on the east side of the Bayfield Peninsula via a single existing 34.5 kilovolt transmission line that was built between 1957 and 1971 (46 to 60 years old). The existing line connects the Gingles Substation south of Ashland and the Cornucopia Substation. Any failure on the line south of Bayfield or Washburn results in power outages to those communities as there is not a back-up line in the area. The existing system experiences low voltages during peak usage days. The proposed Bayfield Second Circuit Project would increase reliability and solve voltage concerns by providing an additional source of electricity to the area. This second source of power helps ensure that power remains on should the existing line be damaged or require maintenance.

For more information on project need, please view the planning report. 


Xcel Energy is proposing to build an approximately 22 mile 34.5 kilovolt (kV) transmission line and two new substations in the Bayfield Peninsula area.  The proposed transmission line would run from a new Fish Creek Substation about four miles west of the City of Ashland to a new Pikes Creek Substation  about two miles west of the City of Bayfield, Wisconsin, with an additional three mile 34.5 kV line connecting to the City of Washburn. View project map

This project represents an evolution of the project initially presented to the public in 2013 as the Bayfield Loop Project.  Xcel Energy’s project team has made modifications to the project based on feedback received on that initial proposal.

Detailed Project Maps

To view the proposed project route you can type in your address in the search box on the interactive map below. The purple line represents the proposed project route.


Public Open Houses
Public open houses were held in August, 2017 to provide an overview of the proposed project and the permitting process. Xcel Energy is reviewing all comments received, and will take them into consideration on our final proposal. We encourage you to continue submitting your comments using the comment form, or by contacting the project team (contacts listed below).


Proposed Project Timeline

2018 Submit Certificate of Authority to Wisconsin Public Service Commission

2018 Begin land rights acquisition (pending project approval)

2019 Begin construction

2020 Estimated in-service date

Contact Us

If you have questions or comments on the Bayfield Second Circuit Transmission Project you can contact:

Ellen Heine
Sr. Land Agent

Chris Buboltz
Project Manager

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