Maple River-Red River 115 kV Transmission Line Project

Estimated Length: 5 miles
Voltage: 115 kV line
Estimated Cost: TBD
Estimated in-service Date: March 1, 2019

Xcel Energy is currently in the project planning stages of an approximately 5-mile, 115kV transmission line within the City of Fargo and Reed Township, North Dakota. The line would be a 2nd circuit connecting Xcel Energy’s existing Maple River and Red River substations on new right-of-way.

The project is anticipated to be in-service by the end of 2019.

Project Purpose
The Maple River to Red River Project will provide increased reliability of electric service in the Fargo area by reducing overloads on neighboring lines and transformers. The project will help meet reliability standards without having to interrupt electric service to customers.

Construction Details
Route identification and analysis is currently underway. Next steps include public outreach and applying for local, state and federal approvals.

Matt Langan
Siting and Land Rights