McHenry-Magic City 230 kV Transmission Line Project

Estimated in-service Date: December 2018
Voltage: 230 kV line
Estimated length: 20 miles
Estimated cost: $21 million

Recent growth in and around the City of Minot is resulting in the need for additional electric power. To continue to meet those needs, We plan to enhance the electric transmission system by constructing the proposed 230 kilovolt (kV) Magic City-McHenry transmission line and substation southeast of Minot. The approximately 20-mile transmission line would run between the existing McHenry Substation near Velva and the proposed Magic City Substation located near the Minot waste water treatment facility (view map below).

The majority of the proposed transmission line route follows an existing 115 kV transmission line. We will replace the existing 115 kV transmission line and structures with new single pole steel structures that will carry both the new 230 kV transmission line and the existing 115 kV line.  North Prairie Township, located on the western side of McHenry County, has an ordinance requiring utilities to be built on section lines, therefore the proposed route deviates from the existing transmission line and follows section or half section lines in North Prairie Township for approximately 4.2 miles. In addition, approximately 1.2 miles of new 115 kV transmission line will be constructed along a new right-of-way to connect the new Magic City Substation to our existing electrical grid in the City of Minot.

Project Schedule
Upon approval of all permits, we intend to begin construction in the fall of 2017. The estimated $21 million project has an estimated in-service date of December 2018, with removal of the existing 115 kV transmission line in the spring of 2019.

Project Purpose
The project will provide increased reliability of electric service in the Minot area by adding another source of electricity. Before the project can be built, we must obtain approval from the North Dakota Public Service Commission and local governments in the project area.

Regulatory Filings
We filed an application for a Certificate of Corridor Compatibility and Transmission Facility Route Permit with the North Dakota Public Service Commission (ND PSC) in March, 2017.  You can view the filing on the ND PSC website (external website) by searching case number PU-17-102. A Certificate of Convenience and Necessity (CCN) was issued by the ND PSC on January 4, 2017.  You can view the regulatory filings on the ND PSC website (external website) by searching case number PU-16-644.

Tom Hillstrom
Permitting Manager

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