Thornton Substation Project

The Thornton Substation Project

The City of Thornton has experienced rapid development over the past decade with the additional of new retail, commercial centers and residential communities. To support this growth, meet customers' needs for reliable power and continue to strengthen the local economy, Xcel Energy is working with residents to build the first substation in Thornton since 1992. It will provide the much-needed power to sustain and serve the community for future generations.

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Visit the Thornton Substation website for additional details about the project including news, maps, downloadable resources and answers to commonly asked questions.

Project Purpose

As the area continues to grow, so do the energy demands of the community. Without this new substation, Thornton residents and businesses are at high risk for service interruptions. The new substation will provide the reliable power that residents and business owners can depend on.

Construction Details

Xcel Energy has identified the preferred site for a state-of-the-art subsation near the intersection East 120th Avenue and Holly Street and has spent numerous hours in the community gathering input and feedback. We have taken— and will continue to take—residents’ concerns into account in a final construction design, such as undergrounding the power lines into and out of the substation, as well as  incorporating an architectural wall and landscaping to match neighborhood aesthetics.

Proposed Schedule

Xcel Energy filed an application for a Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity (CPCN) for the Thornton Substation, which was granted by the Colorado Public Utilities Commission in April 2015. Thornton City Council approved Xcel Energy's development permit applications for the proposed Thornton Substation on Tuesday, July 11, 2017.

Xcel Energy's permit application for the overhead-to-underground transition structures is being processed by Adams County Planning staff. The permit application will be consitdered by the Adams County Planning Commission on August 24, 2017. Updates ill be available on the project website and Adams County.

Email us at or call our hotline at 844-551-6281.

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