San Luis Valley (SB100)

The San Luis Valley-Calumet-Comanche Transmission Project was designed to accommodate potential generation from Energy Resource Zones 4 and 5 for delivery to customers along the Front Range, in addition to improving the transmission system in the San Luis Valley area of Colorado. As explained in PSCo filings to the Commission, including Rule 3206, Rule 3627 and SB07-100 reports, PSCo is no longer pursuing this project. However, PSCo recognizes the need for new high-voltage transmission in the San Luis Valley to restore electric system reliability and customer load-serving capability, and to accommodate development of potential generation resources. PSCo is participating in the San Luis Valley Subcommittee of the Colorado Coordinated Planning Group, which has the objective to perform analyses and develop plans to improve the transmission system to the north of the San Luis Valley. The first phase of studies verify that, at a minimum, a new 230 kV transmission line from San Luis to Poncha would be a first step to accomplish the objectives. A second phase of studies is planned for 2016, which will identify alternatives for transmission beyond Poncha to enhance reliability and generation export potential from the San Luis Valley to the Front Range.